Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge per stump?

It all depends; every situation is different. We grind stumps that are 4” in diameter and we grind stumps that are 96” in diameter.  Our process starts with an onsite review of the stump(s) and surrounding area.

Due to the unique nature of our equipment, we must make sure that we can safely get the grinder to the stump.  In addition, we must identify any potential hazards such as public and private underground utilities.  Miss Utility will mark public utilities, but they do not mark private utilities.

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Are you licensed?

RW Stump Grinding is licensed to operate in Virginia. 

In Virginia, the only licensing required to grind stumps is a business license. It is important for a company to be licensed so that if/when something goes wrong you have a way to find them and hold them accountable.

Are you insured, including Workers Comp for your employees?

RW Stump Grinding carries General Liability insurance and Workers Comp insurance to protect its employees and customers.

The proper way to verify insurance coverage is to have the company’s insurance agent email a Certificate of Insurance (COI). It is NOT acceptable for a company to show a copy of their COI as it can be easily faked.

In Virginia, Workers Comp is only REQUIRED for companies with 3 or more employees, but if anyone gets hurt on your property, your homeowner’s insurance may be responsible for any medical bills. 

Do you call Miss Utility before starting work?

RW Stump Grinding calls Miss Utility on every job.

It is required, by Virginia law, to call Miss Utility and have all public utilities (Electric, Gas, Water, Sewer, Cable/Telephone/FIOS) marked BEFORE any digging in the ground.

A lot of transient stump grinding companies skip this step because it is at least a 2-day waiting period. Skipping this step could result in disaster if an un-marked gas line or electric service line is damaged.

Do you warranty your work? Will you come back and take care of any issues at no-charge?

Nobody is perfect and despite our best efforts, things do, occasionally, get missed. Customer satisfaction is a top priority and we always come back to fix any issues.

Do your employees wear the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as outlined in the ANSI Z133 Standard?

Safety is #1… ALWAYS! Our employees are required to wear a hard hat with a face shield, eye protection, ear protection, long pants, and work boots. 

How deep do you grind?

We typically try to grind about 8-10” below ground level. This is usually enough to find the bottom of the stump or allow enough room above the remaining stump to plant grass or bushes.

Can you grind at the time of the estimate?

It all depends, but usually no. We try to accommodate urgent requests, but a lot depends on the availability of our grinders.  Also, Miss Utility takes at least two days to mark public, underground utilities.

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