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Removing Stumps from Your Colonial Heights Property

If you find yourself dealing with problematic stumps on your residential or commercial property, you have two options: leave them as they are or have them removed.

Stumps naturally decompose over time, transforming into soil. While this may be environmentally friendly, it is important to note that having a decaying stump on your property can attract termites or pose a tripping hazard. Moreover, it significantly diminishes the aesthetic appeal of your landscape.

If the stumps are an eyesore in your lawn or mulch bed, the best course of action is to have them removed.

Digging out the stump (also known as grubbing) can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive task that leaves behind a large hole. In contrast, grinding the stump in place is a more effective approach that minimizes damage to the surrounding area.

At RW Stump Grinding, we are a locally owned business offering professional stump removal and grinding services for both commercial and residential properties in Colonial Heights, VA. Our experienced team uses specialized stump grinders to grind your stumps safely and efficiently into mulch.

Enhance the overall appearance of your landscape by entrusting our stump grinding professionals. Count on our experience, ability, and top-notch equipment to effectively remove unwanted stumps from your yard.

Reliable Services

Stump Grinding

When faced with troublesome tree stumps on your property, RW Stump Grinding has a solution to remove them without causing any harm to the surrounding area.

Using our rubber-tired, self-propelled stump grinders, we can grind almost any stump. When necessary, we have ground protection mats and plywood or mesh barriers to safeguard nearby structures and plants from any debris.

At RW Stump Grinding, our process involves expertly grinding the stumps into small wood chips. Depending on your preference, you have three options for handling them: leave them as they are, rake them into a neat pile, or completely removed them from the premises.

Rest assured that our services are efficient at removing problematic stumps while preserving the integrity of your surroundings.


Debris Hauling (Logs, Brush, or Wood Chips)

The true size of a tree often goes unnoticed until it is lying on the ground. The aftermath of fallen trees or large limbs can leave behind a large pile of debris, and the cleanup can be both time-consuming and dangerous for homeowners.

RW Stump Grinding has a team of skilled professionals equipped with the necessary training and specialized equipment to efficiently remove logs, brush, and wood chips from your property. Allow us to handle the task of hauling away the debris and alleviating the burden from your shoulders.


Tree Planting

After successfully grinding a stump, RW Stump Grinding highly recommends planting a replacement tree. As part of our comprehensive stump grinding solutions, we offer an add-on tree planting service. Once we have transformed your stump into wood chips and disposed of them, our team can fill the resulting hole with nutrient-rich topsoil and plant a new tree on your Colonial Heights property.

With our integrated approach, our stump grinding professionals aim to not only remove the stump but also contribute to the revitalization of your landscape by ensuring the seamless transition to a thriving new tree.


RW Stump Grinding Does Not Grind Roots on Live Trees

In certain areas of Colonial Heights, the compacted soil causes certain tree species to grow roots above the ground to access essential nutrients. Homeowners often ask us about grinding these surface roots down to the ground. However, it is not an approved method for root pruning according to ANSI A300 Part 8 guidelines.

Grinding tree roots can have detrimental effects on their ability to absorb water and nutrients, while also making the tree susceptible to infestations and diseases. At RW Stump Grinding, we prioritize the well-being of living trees and, therefore, only perform root grinding services in relation to stump removal.

We will never compromise a healthy, living tree.


Just awesome! Reggie was incredibly professional, efficient, and a master of his craft. We had a stump with gas and electrical lines running through it which caused a lot of hesitation but Reggie’s experience and explanation of the process quickly settled our nerves.

Nick | Chester, VA

I have used RW Stump Grinding twice and both times I have been thoroughly impressed by their quality and professionalism. Reggie and his service are second to none in his industry!!!

Sam | Richmond, VA

RW stump grinding is the absolute best stump grinding company in RVA. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Their quote was reasonable, their communication was excellent, and they showed up on the day they said they would. What more could you ask for?!

Zac | Powhatan, VA

Colonial Heights Stump Grinding Company 

Creating a positive first impression is crucial with visiting guests. Do not let a decaying stump diminish the overall view of your landscape.

When you need tree stump removal services, RW Stump Grinding is here to help. Our team of highly trained operators can efficiently and safely grind stumps of all sizes. Rest assured that we will find the most effective method to address your concerns.

Expect exceptional customer service and outstanding results with the best stump grinding services in Colonial Heights, Virginia. We take pride in delivering high-quality workmanship that satisfies your needs.

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner in Colonial Heights, our professional stump grinding and removal services will leave your property even more beautiful than before. RW Stump Grinding is committed to enhancing the aesthetics of your surroundings and exceeding your expectations.

Remove Your Stumps With Colonial Height’s Best!

RW Stump Grinding cares about your needs.

We provide high-quality stump removals to protect your largest investments, your home and property. Attempting to remove stumps yourself can be dangerous and time-consuming.

It is imperative to hire an established, reputable company you can trust. With our top-of-the-line equipment and years of experience, we can tackle almost any stump and help bring beauty back to your landscape.

We take pride in our work and are eager to help homeowners in Colonial Heights and beyond reclaim their landscape.

Whether you have one stump or a patchwork of stumps, you need a hardworking, professional team that you can count on.

Schedule a free consultation with us today and see how we can help improve your landscape and remove those unsightly stumps.

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