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I Have a Stump; What Should I do?

This is a common question with two simple solutions; you can either leave it or remove it. There are pros and cons to both choices. For stumps that are in the woods or in a natural area, we typically recommend leaving the stump. For stumps that are in a lawn or a mulch bed, we typically recommend removing the stump.

Leaving the stump and letting it naturally decompose is the most environmentally friendly thing to do. As the stump decomposes, it will naturally turn into compost and eventually into soil. While this is best for the environment, it can take a long time for this process to happen and while you are waiting for the stump to decompose, it can be a blight on your landscape, an obstacle to mow around, or a tripping hazard. Certain stumps are very hearty and will quickly start to grow back, increasing the time it will take to decompose.

Removing the stump is also a valid choice. There are countless online videos that show the diverse ways people have tried removing stumps. Each method will eventually work with enough time and effort, but the two fastest ways are to dig it out (grubbing) or grind it up. Grubbing out a stump requires using a large excavator to dig a trench around the stump, severing the roots, and then prying the entire stump out of the ground. This typically leaves a giant hole that will need to be backfilled with dirt. Grinding a stump in place uses a specialized machine called a stump grinder, or stump cutter, to shred the stump into mulch. Once the grinding process is complete, moving the mulch with hand tools and a wheelbarrow is much easier than trying to move an entire stump. The resulting hole after grinding can be bigger than expected but will be much smaller and shallower than the hole left by digging out a stump.

Our Services

Stump Grinding

With our top-of-the-line stump grinders, we can quickly and efficiently grind the stump with minimal collateral damage to your lawn. When needed, we use plywood for ground protection, and we use plywood or mesh barriers to create a containment zone for the wood chips to protect nearby buildings, windows, and vehicles. When the grinding process is complete, the stump will be gone and, in its place, will be a pile of wood chips. The resulting pile of wood chips is usually larger than expected. We offer three options for dealing with wood chips. We can leave them alone, we can rake them into a pile, or we can haul them away.

Debris Hauling (Logs, Brush, or Wood Chips)

Whether it is logs, brush, or wood chips, RW Stump Grinding has the equipment and experience to haul the debris away. When limbs and trees fall, the leftover debris can be overwhelming. Most people do not realize the true size of a tree until it is on the ground. There are also situations where unprepared tree cutters bail out on a job, leave the debris, and disappear forever. Tree debris is bulky and heavy. Trying to clean up limbs and tree debris without the proper training or equipment can be dangerous and time consuming. Bent branches can have a spring-pole effect and improperly cutting them while under tension can release uncontrolled energy.


Tree Planting

We strongly encourage the planting of replacement trees. Ideally, we plant a replacement tree in the same spot as the removed tree. We offer tree planting as an add-on service to our stump grinding service. After grinding the stump into mulch, we haul away the wood chips, backfill with topsoil, and plant a tree in the same spot. We can also plant trees in other locations on your property.



In certain tree species and certain areas, especially in newer neighborhoods, roots will often grow above ground due to overly compacted sub-soil. Customers often ask us to grind the surface roots down to ground level. This is not an approved method of root pruning. Grinding roots on living trees destroy pathways for water and nutrient uptake and creates open wounds for insects and diseases to attack and damage a tree’s vascular system.

Just awesome! Reggie was incredibly professional, efficient, and a master of his craft. We had a stump with gas and electrical lines running through it which caused a lot of hesitation but Reggie’s experience and explanation of the process quickly settled our nerves.

Nick | Chester, VA

I have used RW Stump Grinding twice and both times I have been thoroughly impressed by their quality and professionalism. Reggie and his service are second to none in his industry!!!

Sam | Richmond, VA

RW stump grinding is the absolute best stump grinding company in RVA. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Their quote was reasonable, their communication was excellent, and they showed up on the day they said they would. What more could you ask for?!

Zac | Powhatan, VA

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